WADARTT8100 -  Winmau Dart Tune Up Kit

Winmau Dart Tune Up Kit


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The Ulitmate Game Enhancer
Darts fans will love this super tune up kit from Winmau. Simply experiment with the combination of shafts & flights until you consistently hit the treble 20!
Designs may vary
Pack includes:
  • 1 Set of Pear poly flights precision shaped for superb weight distribution and ultimate throw confidence
  • 1 Set of Standard flights create optimal motion of air across the flight surface for greatly reduced drag
  • 1 Set of Slim flights desgined for minimal resistance of air across the flight for maximum speed dynamics
  • 1 Set of Aluminium Shafts precision engineered featuring crosshole locking device, super slotted for easy flight fit
  • 2 Sets of Nylon shafts made flexible and extra tough!

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